Executive Council

President:  Zafer Mohiuddin


Vice President: Ahmed Abdeladl


Treasurer: Nisar Malik


Secretary: Ali Syed


Joint Secretary: Arsalan Momaray


Member At Large:


EC Board contact email:


Sub Committees:

The Executive Council of Greenville has formed the following committees to serve the community of Greenville:

1. Outreach Committee:

This committee is formed to help ISG Executive Council to inform Muslims and people of other Faiths in Greenville to better understand the values and teachings of Islam.

This committee is organized by Br. Mustafa Sange to do different tasks assigned to this committee by the Executive Council. Contact email: outreach@greenvillemasjid.com

2. Graveyard Committee:

The Muslim cemetery (Riaz-ul-Jannah) is managed and maintained by the cemetery and burial committee of the ISG, ISS and ISC. The cemetery has 10 Acres of land located in Ware Shoals in Laurence County, South Carolina (about 50 miles from the Greenville Masjid).

Graveyard Site Link

3. Sadaqa Committee:

This committee is organized by Br. Nisar Malik to perform different tasks pertaining to Zakat and charity distribution to the needy people in our community assigned to this committee by the Executive Council.

Sadaqa/Zakah Site Link