Graveyard Service

The Muslim cemetery (Riaz-ul-Jannah) is managed and maintained by the cemetery committee of the ISG. A 10 Acres of land located in Ware Shoals in Laurence County, South Carolina (about 50 miles from the Greenville Masjid)

In Case of Death

Contact Information:

Br. Taha Kasim          :              (218) 269-2635

Br. Mustafa Sange                    (864)505-8714

Br. Abdulrahim Patel                 (864)421-2003

Br.Sami Abu Rami.                   (864)207-0739

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Funeral Info

Funeral & Other information’s: Steps to take in case of death: Call the cemetery committee Provide all the information. Cemetery committee will make arrangement with a funeral home to ...

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Directions to the Cemetery: RIAZ-UL-JANNAH (WARE SHOALS, SC CEMETERY) FROM: ISLAMIC CENTER 96 Meridian Ave Taylors, SC 29687 Phone: (864) 498-4055    

1. Make a LEFT on W ...

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About Cemetery

RIAZ UL JANNAH SC Upstate private Muslim cemetery A unit of Islamic Societies of Greenville, Spartanburg & Clemson ...

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Form for Members

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Form for Non-Members

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Charter & Rules and Regulations

All Muslims residents belonging to the above described counties shall have the right to be buried in the Riaz-ul Jannah Upstate Muslim cemetery regardless of their following of school of thought or ...

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Grave Yard Membership Form:

Membership Form

Board of Trustees:

Mohammed Makba   (864) 292-9098

Dr. Ahmed Abdeladl  (864) 292-5338

Hafeez Chaudry       (864) 583-3781

Dr. Ameen Memon    (864) 680-6011

Nidal Mefleh             (864) 710-3717